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A Layman’s Guide to Battery Safety

There are many uses for a large battery set, where there isn’t any access to the central power grid they reign supreme as the best way to bring electricity to a remote area. They can store a large amount of electricity which can be recharged and discharged for a longer duration of time, but as with many things that contain potentially dangerous chemicals there are various guidelines for the safe handling and storage of large batteries. However the safety of a battery also depends on the type since an AGM battery won’t have the same tolerances. Continue reading “A Layman’s Guide to Battery Safety”

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How to Buy the Right Network Cables

While wireless networks might be more convenient when it comes to remotely sharing the internet connection, photos and files between multiple devices in your home in terms of internet speed and security a wired network is definitely the better option. Setting up a wired network at home enables you to have a high-speed, private internet access and a secure and stable network for online gaming, file sharing, media streaming and so much more. Continue reading “How to Buy the Right Network Cables”

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Guide To Choosing The Right Computer Repairs & Support For Your Company

– Wow, dude, I think my PC is broken.
– Don’t worry dude I have ya.


It’s easy. Oh, you don’t know what to do? Then relax, light a cigarette, eat a tortilla and drink your rum. PCs are everywhere, they are the same as the plague was in the middle age, ha-ha. Alright, I am stopping with the corny jokes, now let’s get with the problem.


If your job consists of working on the computer for more than 5 hours then you can be sure that there would be a malfunction of the hardware and software. Or, you are the manager of a company with dozens of PC and other technology and want to find a reliable and fast solution? Then searching for computer repairs in Melbourne is easy. There are good and experienced techno-geeks that can solve your problem at once. One thing that amazes a lot of people (and yours truly) is the possibility to fix your software problem without even stepping in your office. Yes, I am not lying, there is special software developed that these PC engineers can enter your computer from anywhere in the world and you only need to have an internet connection (who does not have one these days?). Continue reading “Guide To Choosing The Right Computer Repairs & Support For Your Company”

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Benefits of Professional Network Management

Let’s face it, building and maintaining computer networks is not easy, it requires technical and practical knowledge for planning and installing network infrastructure, optimizing bandwidth, ensuring secured traffic, balancing network loads and many other tasks involved in network management. Simply put, to keep the computer network in your company running smoothly and securely long experience and high level of expertise in the filed is a must.

Given the fact that in the world of fast-pace technological advancements, effective network management is tougher than ever, it’s no surprise why the majority of small business owners choose to use professional network management services from a third party company. If you are doubting whether you should outsource the network management services for your company, keep on reading, we’ve made a simple overview of the most important advantages of using professional network management services from a company specialized in IT services. Continue reading “Benefits of Professional Network Management”

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Large Format Color Printer Buying Guide

If you are in the market looking for a large format printer, get ready because you have a lot of things to consider. If purchasing a printer seems like a straightforward process, now you will become aware that buying the right piece is more complex than it looks. But, not necessary. Knowing what you need as well as being familiar with the different types of large format color printer available will make the whole process less-stressful. The goal of this simple guide is to help you understand the choices you need to make in your search for the right printer. Continue reading “Large Format Color Printer Buying Guide”