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Outdoor Heater – Enjoy Your Outdoor Area All Year Long

A nice deck, balconi, or patio is the perfect place to entertain friends and family, so why not enjoy it longer? By adding an outdoor heater to your outdoor space you will be able to enjoy your outdoor space long after summer has come and gone. But outdoor heaters do more than simply adding warmth to your patio; they can also become an inviting centrepiece and bring ambience to your space. Continue reading “Outdoor Heater – Enjoy Your Outdoor Area All Year Long”

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Temporary Blinds: Space Holders for the Real Deal

Designing your new home can either be a fun and enjoyable experience or turn out to be a complete mess. If you want to get everything all at once, whether that be furnishings, decorations or lights you will end up with an interior design that appears to be anything but appealing. Therefore, the best advice I can give to any new homeowner is to never buy things for the house in a hurry. The truth is that you can’t really know what exactly would work best for your living space when you’ve just moved into your home a couple of weeks ago. Many homeowners tend to make a rushed decision about window treatments simply because they want to cover as soon as possible those unappealing bare windows.

In reality choosing window treatments should be the final step of designing any room in your home since you would want them to match and complement your interior design. This doesn’t mean that you have to leave your windows bare while you are in the process of furnishing and decorating your home. Until the time has come to choose the ideal treatment for the shape and size of your windows you can get the desired privacy and light control with temporary blinds. These are very inexpensive and serve as a much better solution than using customary sheets or cardboard to cover your windows. For once, temporary blinds will look a lot better than a plain sheet of cardboard and are easier to adjust than customary sheets to let in as much light as you need. Continue reading “Temporary Blinds: Space Holders for the Real Deal”

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Roman Blinds: Features, Types of Fabric and Measuring

Roman blinds are a type of window treatment that you can use to block out the sun and add privacy to a room. Made from a variety of fabrics and available in a range of sizes, these blinds are designed to gather into evenly sized pleats as the blinds are raised and can be custom made to fit a not non-standard shaped or sized window.measuring roman blinds

Types of Fabric

While a range of different fabrics is used in the construction of roman blinds, for outdoor use people tend to choose popular textiles such as cotton, linen, hemp and silk. For a more durable option, opt for roman blinds made of bamboo or reed. For indoor use, wood is the preferred choice as it creates a natural look while adding a touch of warmth in the room. Synthetic fabrics may an option for those looking for a cheaper alternative.

When shopping for roman blinds, your should choose a fabric that matches the interior of your home and other fabrics around the room. The colour and weight of the fabric are also important factors to consider as they also help to set the ambiance of the room. If you enjoy a bright room, a lighter fabric is your way to go. Heavy textures such as suede and microfiber tend to give a room a more sultry appearance.


Roman blinds are constructed with solid fabric panels that are mounted onto slats. The slats are then connected to cords that pull the slats together as you raise the blind. The size of the pleats plays a great role in how the blind will look on the window as blinds with closer slats will obscure less the window when the blind is folded.

Roman blinds may also come with a variety of fixtures such as rods with ornamental details, which allow you to create a more customized look in your room. Other features to consider are easy-to-care and UV protection. Recommended care methods are usually found in the fabric’s care label and usually include dusting, vacuuming and spot cleaning.


Roman blinds can be installed either inside or over a window frame, depending on your preference. Inside mount helps to enhance a home’s beautiful window frames and create a custom, clean look. Outside mount, on the other hand, helps cover up imperfections and add width to the window. You should keep in mind when measuring roman blinds to always measure to the nearest eight of a centimeter – avoid rounding measurements. Here are the steps to measuring roman blinds properly.

Measuring an Inside Mount

  • Measure the opening width at the top, bottom, and centre of the window and take notes of the narrowest width of the three.
  • Next, measure the height at the left, right, and centre, and take notes of the longest measurement.
  • Make sure you communicate clearly with the vendor to find out if deductions need to be made.

Measuring an Outside Mount

  • When measuring the width for an outside mount, you should add at least 7cm to each side of the window opening to minimize light gap and increase privacy.
  • When taking height measurements, add at least 5 centimeters to allow space for mounting brackets above and enough overlap at the bottom.
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How to Choose the Right LED Downlight

Decorating your home is one of the most thrilling things you can do, especially if you are about to move in into your first home together as a couple. Besides choosing the furniture and the other home dΓ©cor details, another important thing that should be on your list is the lighting.

Speaking of which, recently LED lights have shown as the best, most efficient and most affordable lighting solution that will add charm and style to your home. Continue reading “How to Choose the Right LED Downlight”

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Commercial LED Lighting Fixtures Buying Guide

When it comes to improving the efficiency of your business and reducing costs there are many different methods that can help you build a successful business. Creating a safe and productive environment is of course the first step, the truth is that everything runs smoothly when the employees are motivated and work in a safe and pleasant atmosphere. Also in today’s modern world of business, every business owner should keep up with new technologies and incorporate new and improved methods and equipment. Finding new methods for reducing costs is of utmost importance for managing your business successfully. Now the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about reducing costs are efficient and cost-effective energy solutions. Continue reading “Commercial LED Lighting Fixtures Buying Guide”

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Roman Blinds: Classy And Practical Window Coverings

Nothing can subtly add more flair and appeal to a room than window blinds. They can bring a soft polish to the interior design of any room while providing it with privacy and protection from the sun. When paired with matching curtains, roman blinds particularly can create a spectacular and plush-looking room. These blinds are the most basic form of blinds, representing a fabric that can be raised or lowered through a cord system and rings sewn directly onto the back of the fabric, and these days, you can buy roman blinds online in any reliable store.roman_blinds

More and more homeowners are choosing to buy roman blinds for their window coverings. But with the wide range of roman blinds available online in different designs, patterns and sizes, how to choose the right one? There are a variety of style options in order to meet any home decor, so before you buy roman blinds online, let’s go over the basics! Continue reading “Roman Blinds: Classy And Practical Window Coverings”

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Self-Watering Office Planters: Aesthetics and Functionality Combined

Did you know that adding one or more plants in your office can make a great impact in your working environment? In fact, studies have shown that growing live plants in the office can improve the air quality, reduce stress, increase productivity and make the office more comfortable space to work in. So, you have many reasons to embellish your office with one or more plants. All that you need for successful office gardening time is a little bit of time and the right planters for office.

Continue reading “Self-Watering Office Planters: Aesthetics and Functionality Combined”

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Retro Wallpaper Patterns: Because Vintage is Always Better

I’m a huge fan of everything that can be called vintage. To be honest, sometimes I think that I was born in the wrong time. However, this doesn’t mean that I cannot β€žbringβ€œ the magic of that period into my home. Creating a vintage-style interior design in 2016 is not a mission impossible. There is a wide variety of vintage furniture pieces and home design items, which makes it very easy to create a home decor inspired from your favourite retro movies. Continue reading “Retro Wallpaper Patterns: Because Vintage is Always Better”