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What are the Different Tooth Replacement Options

Do you have missing teeth? If so, you should consider replacing them as soon as possible. With the loss of teeth comes great risk to your oral health and overall health, not to mention that it can affect your appearance too. When a tooth is lost, the roots of the teeth start to get lost as well, and once they are gone, so are the tissue and bone that once surrounded your teeth. This will affect your appearance because that lost bone is what made up your jawline. When your jawline shrinks, your appearance can change drastically, making you appear to be much older than you actually are.

When it comes to tooth replacement, you can select from a number of different options – from temporary to long-lasting solutions. Here are a few of them.

Dental Implants

This is the perfect tooth replacement option for the loss of the roots of the teeth. Dental implants replace the root of the teeth, helping retain the bone and tissue that will surround the implant. Not only implants perfectly imitate your natural teeth, but they also function just like your natural teeth. More natural looking and also more stable than the other options, dental implants typically last longer, making them a very cost-effective option.


Tooth -Supported Fixed Bridges

Although a common tooth replacement option, its process involves damage to the healthy teeth. During the process, health, adjacent teeth is grid away so a bridge across those teeth can be added to support the crown. Because there is no tooth or implant to stimulate the jawbone, chances are that the natural bone underneath a tooth-supported bridge will deteriorate over time, changing the appearance of your face and smile.

Resin-Bonded Bridge

With this option, porcelain or metal wings on each side of the bridge are bonded to your existing teeth. Although considered a better option to removable partial dentures, a resin-bonded bridge may not be as long-lasting as a dental implant. Bone deterioration also may occur with this option.

Complete Dentures

Often considered an affordable option, the replacement costs of a complete denture can be significant over the time. Furthermore, dentures can be uncomfortable, awkward, and limit one’s ability to taste food completely. Similar to fixed bridges, the natural bone underneath can also deteriorate over time, impacting your appearance.

Removable Partial Dentures

Like complete dentures, removable partial dentures also present comfort and stability issues. It may also affect your speech and eating and like the other options (except for dental implants) bone loss may occur.

Before choosing an option, make sure you consult an experienced dentist, who will be able to suggest the best solution for your needs.


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