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Things to Have Ready Before You Venture on a Hiking Adventure

Going on an adventure? Good for you! Now more than ever is the right time to go explore the outdoors as the weather is only getting hotter. Speaking of which, hiking is the ideal way to relax, cool yourself, stay fit and spot wildlife.

Whatever your reasons for hitting the great outdoors, one thing you cannot leave your home without is a travel gear, and the best way to create your own is by shopping online. Why? Because online stores have a wider range of products to offer at lower prices, and what’s best is that you can find lots of products available only for online deals. Thus when it comes to travel gear online stores have the right products and deals. Whenever your reasons for exploring the nature, here are some recommendations for when you pack your travel gear for your next trip.

Hydration Pack

The first and most important thing you must carry with you when hiking is a hydration pack, or more specifically explained, a water bottle. There are lots of them available online, even ones that have a filter in order to purify your water. Plastic, stainless steel, water bottle jug, etc, are just some of the many types of water bottle materials to choose from. The size again depends only on your needs.

Bird & Animal Watching

Another thing that must be on your travel gear online shopping list is a good pair of binoculars. And in case you are into this type of animal/bird observing activity and have some extra cash, we suggest you to invest in some digital binoculars that have the ability to record what you see.


Nothing can beat the quality and reliability of a GPS. Of course that you can use your iPhone or smartphone as a GPS device, however, most of the smartphone apps are not built for hiking and have a poor battery life. Thus, if you don’t want to get lost in the middle of the nowhere when hiking, we suggest you to invest in a handheld GPS unit as they have detailed topographic maps and can be used as a compass as well.

Essentials Kit

Last but not least, let’s not forget about the essential kit. It must contain a basic first aid kit, heat packs (if it gets colder at night), a lighter or some matches, a torch/head lamp, and a knife, and in case you are hiking in winter, an extra set of clothes will help a lot.


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