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The Pivotal Role of Bicycle Lights & How to Choose Right

Bicycle lights are an essential for any cyclists. Even if you tend not to ride at night, at some point you may find yourself riding in reduced visibility condition, especially during the winter months when nightmare draws faster and mist, fog, and rain can severely reduce visibility. In addition to helping you see the road ahead, bicycle lights also make you visible to others, ensuring your safety on the road.

When it comes to bicycle lights there is a large selection to choose from, but Led bicycle lights are the most popular option among cyclists. That is because not other light can provide the versatility, functionality, and performance of Led bicycle lights.

Led bike lights offer a very bright lighting and have a very high-efficiency ratio. Actually, they use a fraction of the electricity required by other lights to provide the same brightness, so have increased battery life. They are also very long-lasting and provide the option of reducing brightness, which can increase efficiency and light life even more.

Different types of Led Bicycle lights available on the market include

  • Standard – Bike lights that have a single focused beam designed to illuminate the path ahead while improving the biker’s visibility to surrounding traffic.
  • Flashing – This is the best type of light to make drivers aware of the biker’s presence. However, it is not a very good choice for lighting a dark path.
  • Low-Power Leds – Lights designed to prolong battery life. This type of light is also not a good option for dark roads and off roads but it is ideal for daytime, dawn and dusk use.

Led bicycle lights also have different power sources

  • Battery operated – Good for occasional use. Inexpensive Led bicycle lights are often battery operated.
  • Rechargeable – An Eco-friendly option that tough upfront cost is more, saves you money in the long run.
  • Dynamo – Requires the biker pedaling at a certain speed for the hug generator to power the light .

Considerations before buying Led bicycle lights

In order to find the right Led lights for your bike, you will have to consider the types available, their power source, as well as how you plan to use the light. Know that mountain biking in the woods and riding on the pavement at night requires different types of light. Taking the time to explore all the option will help you determine which style of Led light suits most your needs.


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