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Discussing the Origin of NIV Bibles and the Novelty They Bring

Without a doubt, the Bible is the most important book ever written. It is an eyewitness account of historical events without which the Western world and the good deal of the Eastern would be totally different. This is the firs printed book and today can be found in every corner of the world. For those who find themselves difficult to read it and understand it, there is a new international version of the bible that was conceived in 1965. After few years of study, an international group of scholars met together and agreed that this book needs new translation in contemporary English. In 1967 the New York Bible Society provide this project with financial sponsorship. So after several years, specifically in 1973, the New Testament was published. The first printing of the entire Holy Bible NIV was 1978 and in 1983 there were made some additional changes to the book. The NIV is easier to read and understand. The year 2005 was the year when was published a significant revision of the NIV named β€œToday’s New International Version”.

NIV was translated using gender-neutral translation rules. This means, even when in the original book there are specify-gender words like a woman, man, she, he, in the NIV those words are changed with neutral gender. Also, the Holy Bible NIV changes the key verses the define the roles of women which allow for understanding the cultural norms regarding the equality of women and men, but which do not reflect the original language of the Bible.

The translation of each Bible was assigned to a group of scholars and the work was revised and reviewed thoroughly by three different committees. After that few samples were tested by different groups of people for their easy reading and clarity. The main goal of this translation was to make NIV of the Bible be a β€œclear, beautiful, dignified and accurate translation for private and public reading, preaching, teaching, liturgical use and memorizing.

Probably the biggest advantage of the Holy Bible NIV is its readability. The New International Version is written in smoothly and easy-to-read language. One downside of this book is that it occasionally delves into interpretation rather than strict translation. In many instances, NIV has a correct interpretation but as a result of this, the sentence misses the point. The translation should take what the Bible says in the original language and translate the very same thing in the new language, leaving the point unchanged.

The fact that this book is written in a simple and contemporary language means everyone can understand it, including kids. So maybe it is a good idea to read this book to your kids as a bedtime story and help them learn something good and valuable.


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