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Essential Supplies to Make Your New Cat Feel at Home

Thinking about becoming a cat owner? You will be in good company! Cats are fluffy, affectionate, independent, and require much less attention than dogs. And the feeling of love and companionship you will have for your feline may be just as cultivating as any other friendship.

But that is not all. Owning a cat can provide a bunch of benefits for your health. According to research, having a cat around can trigger calming chemicals in the body responsible for decreasing stress and anxiety levels. Studies have also shown that cat owners are less likely to be at risk for having a stroke than any other pet owner and have 60% less chance of dieing from heat attacks.

But before you bring your new friend home, it is important that you get the essentials he will need to feel welcomed in your home. Here are the list of essential items you will need to keep your kitten happy at your place.

1. Litter Box

A litter box is one of the most important items in that list. That is because, chances are your kitten will be trained to a litter box before he arrives home. So make sure you have one ready before your pet gets home and start looking for a place to go – this may happen sooner than you think. Choosing a litter box can feels a little overwhelming specially when you don’t know hes specific needs. In such case, we recommend you to choose a traditional model until you find out the needs of your cat. You should also purchase a litter box scoop and mat for cleaning.


2. Food and Water Bowl

Instead of grabbing something out of the cupboard you should buy your cat his own food and water container. From the many types available, ceramic bowls are the most popular choice as they tend to be fairly inexpensive and will last a long time if well maintained.

3. Cat Food

Cat food come in a variety of choices and their price depend on what is inside of the can. To find the right food that meets the health requirements of your cat and also fits withing your budget ask your vet for help. Make sure to purchase enough food for the first week.

4. Cat Bed

While your cat will sleep in any place that is soft and warm, your should provide him his own bed – a place where he can go to anytime he wants to take a nap or have sometime alone. Getting a bed before your cat arrives home will help him feel more welcome and special although this won’t prevent your cat from using your sofa, your lap or the window ledge.


5. Scratch Post

Once your cat gets home, he will start looking for a place to scratch and if he didn’t find a scratch post he will use your furniture to satisfy hes need to scratch. You can start with a small scratch post and update it with a bigger one if necessary.


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