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The Gift of Fine Words: 20 Examples of the Classiest Wedding Wishes in the World


Wedding day is one of the most special days in some people’s lifetimes and it is uniquely celebrated in a memorable way. Every guest at the wedding ceremony is supposed to bring a gift and more-so, to send their sincere and heartfelt wedding messages to congratulate the marriage of the bride and the groom. Whether it is for a friend, co-worker, neighbor or a relative, those few neatly written sentences used to express your wedding wishes transmit powerful emotions that can make the newly married couple very happy, especially if written uniquely and sincerely.

There are many people who would borrow one of the wedding card messages from the Internet, explaining that they are unable to find the right words to express their joy and excitement for the couple they’ve known for a long time. Before you do the same, think again, would you like to find out that an emotionless wedding congratulations message you receive(d) has been sent to a thousand of other couples in the world? Of course you wouldn’t/didn’t like it. Therefore, I urge you to give your best effort, read a few examples of honest and heartfelt marriage wishes to get inspired, pick up your pen and pour your heart into a unique wedding wishes letter. We bring you 20 examples of wedding wishes and messages to help you express your feelings about the future bride and groom’s happiness, joy and togetherness and best capture your emotions on paper all by yourself.

  • “Maybe perfection really doesn’t exist, but the two of you are definitely as close as it gets. Congratulations on your wedding.”
  • “Today we’ll drink champagne in your name, wishing that your love will forever remain. Congratulations on your wedding.”
  • “May the love we celebrate today grow stronger with each passing day. Congratulations.”
  • “No words can express how I feel to personally know the happiest couple on Earth and be a guest on their wedding day. May the life you start together is as happy, joyful and sweet as it has always been.”
  • “True love stories have nothing but a beginning, worth being celebrated by the whole world. Congratulations on your wedding.”
  • “May your love be like a shining star, brightening your days even during the darkest times. Nourish and cherish your love and celebrate each and every one of your days together.”
  • “I congratulate you on this happy occasion and wish you all the happiness and love in the world.”
  • “Today is the day you start something new, something beautiful. Today is the day you start a life of togetherness. May all your days be as happy as this one.”
  • “May your connection grow stronger, your eyes shinier and your companionship become sweeter with each passing year. Congratulation on your wedding.”
  • “I’m wishing you a memorable beginning of your journey of togetherness and a lifetime of happiness, love and joy. Congratulations.”
  • “May your marriage be filled with all the right ingredients: a cup of love, a dash of romance, a touch of laughter and a spoonful of mutual respect and understanding. Congratulations on your wedding.”
  • “A wedding day is a happy occasion and only the first of many you will share as a couple. From now on, may every day of your togetherness be full of love, happiness and good health. Congratulations.”
  • “Your wedding day may quickly end, but you will have a lifetime of days full of love and joy to spend. Wishing you all the luck in the world.”
  • “Congratulations to the most amazing couple I’ve ever met. Wishing you a great journey as you start building a new life together.”
  • “Through all the storms and hurricanes of life, may your love be strong enough to keep you safe and sound. Congratulations.”
  • “Congratulations to a special couple that reminds us that true love does exist. May your life as a couple be as fulfilling as this day.”
  • “As you start this new journey of your lives, may every day hold a new wonderful surprise for you and unforgettable experience. Congratulations.”
  • “May love, harmony, respect and understanding be goals of your marriage union. Congratulations.”
  • “For richer or poorer, in sickness and health, may your love for each other be all you will ever need. Congratulations on your wedding.”
  • “Today’s moment becomes tomorrow’s memory, a memory you will hopefully never forget. Wishing you a lot more memories together and a lifetime of happiness.”

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