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Trays are the Perfect Way to Enhance the Beauty of the Food You Serve

If you are in the restaurant or cafe industry then you know that serving food and drink in your establishment needs to be done professionally and using the right equipment so to reflect the quality of the work of your business.

Serving trays, while they may seem a simple item, can greatly impact the appearance of the food you serve. So, to enhance the beauty of the products you serve in your restaurant or cafe, it is important that you choose the right tray for your type of business.

Serving trays come in a range of high quality materials such as chrome, fibreglass, wood veneer and plastic, and they are all manufactured to withstand plenty of use and to last for long period of time. There is also a variety of shapes to choose from including oval, round, square and rectangular, being the last the most popular option.

Rectangular trays are popular because they are easy to store and can hold more items than the other shapes. However, rounded trays can be an excellent choice for servers as they are easier to hold with one hand and easier to manoeuvre as well.


It is true that different materials create a different atmosphere. Chrome and metal trimmed, for example, are great choices as they are refined and elegant as well as easy to clean. Wood veneer is strong and durable, offers a more traditional look and is especially versatile due to its coating protection against food marks and spill stains. Melamine makes a practical choice and there is a range of colours to choose from. Think about non-slip options too as they are excellent to prevent glassware slipping over.


Serving trays come also in different sizes to suit different requirements – round trays are usually the smallest size and rectangular trays are the largest model. It may be a good idea to have a selection of trays in different sizes so you can cope with small and large orders.


There is also a number of colour options available. From smart silver grey to cool white fibreglass, sleek black, brown wood and some colourful options (bright red, orange and blue) you will sure find a colour to match your restaurant or cafe dΓ©cor style.

Extra Tip: Caring for Your Serving Tray

Overall, all the materials mentioned above are easy to clean and maintain. You should never immerse wood veneer in water for a long period as it can damage the material. And to prevent marks in any kind of tray material, always wipe up spill and stains as quickly as possible.


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